Technology support and innovation

GPS Tracking of all Vehicles – Utility and FRT Teams.
  • All vehicles are fitted with GPS enabled system with automated reports
  • GPS Having feature of High Speed , Harsh Break and Abrupt Speed Change etc.

Online Attendance System – APP based
  • All Employees are tracked via App Based attendance system (Geo fencing enabled)
  • The Employee is Geo Tagged to a location/multi locations.
  • Inbuilt Employee query resolution mechanism
  • Performance Management System
  • Automated reports to Managers.

Green PM APP
  • Android App for performance record of Preventive Maintenance Activity of Site
  • Geo-fencing/Geo tagging based for high accuracy.

Field Team Work Management
  • Utility Technician , Patroller and FRT Work Management
  • Real-time Updating of Field Work
  • Remote management of Team
  • Automated reports.